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Casadei Side buckle loafers VDOD0HnDKi
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LOFT e-Gift Card, powered by CashStar.


Suggested retail price: $80

Suggested retail price:

One step above the standard edition is the Deluxe edition, also known as the Tricentennial edition. You get the base game along with a variety of in-game bonus items. That includes the following goodies:

Provided you're interested in those bonuses, you can pre-order this version from select retailers through the links below.

Amazon: Best Buy: GameStop: Walmart:
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Fallout 76 - Power Armor Edition Trailer | E3 2018
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Suggested retail price: $200

Those willing to spend more can get a much grander package. In addition to a copy of Fallout 76 itself, the Power Edition gets you a ton of extras, the centerpiece of which is a T-51 Power Armor helmet. This is actually wearable and is equipped with a voice modulator speaker and a working headlamp. This comes with a West Tek canvas carrying bag.

Also included is a map showing Fallout 76's world. This measures 21 inches by 21 inches and glows in the dark. Additionally, there are 24 figurines based on in-game models (covering likes like creatures and vault dwellers), a steelbook, and bonus in-game items (outlined with the Deluxe edition).

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